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Setting up a business abroad is so extensive especially in Dubai, and other the United Arab Emirates. All types of investors are ready to go with offshore investment. Whether it is a big, medium, or small investor, they have taken the challenge of overseas business formation. Overseas company formation agencies have developed as a big collaborator to all types of foreign investors UAE. We have a team of experts who have good knowledge of dealing with foreign businesses. Al yaqout agency helps individuals through their extensive range of company formation services.

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offshore company formation in dubai

Below is the list of major services of company formation agencies given to notice

Offshore Business Setup in United Arab Emirates

Company Registration

Overseas business investment needs registration in Dubai. The initial phase of offshore business formation in Dubai is time taking. You can hire authorize Dubai consultant and rest the responsibility to your foreign company formation on the agency. It helps you in your company registration to the foreign destination that you have selected for investment in the United Arab Emirates.

Nominee Service

It is very difficult to trust somebody as a nominee of your company in Dubai. Many of you want a nominee who is trustable. Offshore company formation agencies in Dubai can help you to get a reliable nominee service. The company registration can take place in the name of the nominee but the actual power of your business is in your hand. It is something that sounds exciting and amazing.

Attorney Service

In a foreign destination, it is tough to contact a lawyer in the United Arab Emirates. There are many types of company work where assistance from lawyers or business setup solution providers is Dubai obvious. The agency offers you top-quality attorney services.

Office Assistance

Various types of office work outsourcing are possible with the help of these agencies. They are specialized in providing office paperwork assistance and accounting and rest all requirement, require as per emirates law. Their wide range of office assistance services, flaxi office, virtual office help you to set up your foreign organization in a short span of time in Dubai.

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Business consultancy assists for the offshore company formation process

The service aims to provide good knowledge to foreign investors. It helps to let them know about challenges associated with business formation offshore. How much, how to Feature Articles, where to and various types of discussion go through to resolve any doubt related to overseas investment.

Virtual Office Assistance in Dubai

Setting up an office overseas is time-consuming. Right after company registration, you cannot spend much time in office setup. Therefore, it is always very encouraging to ask for assistance from such agencies. They can offer readymade offices or help you to set up your office in a foreign destination quickly. The readymade office package helps to start the international business rapidly in the United Arab emirates.

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